Food Filing System

For years, I have prepared and frozen onions, bell peppers & cooked ground beef for quick access when making various recipes. More recently, I’ve added cheeses, beaten eggs, sautéed mushrooms, chopped celery, garlic & carrots and a host of pureed produce to the mix.

I got the idea to freeze pureed foods from Jessica Seinfeld’s book, Deceptively Delicious. In her effort to have her children eat healthier, she shares ideas on hiding fruits and vegetables in a variety of common foods. She tucks them into everything from hamburger patties to boxed mac & cheese.

In talking with different folks, I’ve found that many people aren’t aware that so many foods can be frozen. In addition to the nutritional and time-saving benefits already mentioned, freezing foods such as fresh produce is cheaper than buying it prepared and saves even more money when done to avoid spoilage. I’ve found the flavor to also be better than that of powdered, canned or processed versions.

Some foods do thaw better than others and are more suited for cooking but I encourage you to open your mind to the possibilities, do a little research, and give it a try. Better yet, come back here and share what you learn!

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  1. Great idea for everyone to use! I agree that frozen is the next best thing to fresh foods. Early on when I was cooking on my own, my mom would also remind me that even if I cooked too much for one or two people (no kids then), I could freeze half of just about any casserole, etc. So, there's rarely any reason for food to go to waste.

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