Statement of Interest in Vacant City Council Seat

Honorable Mayor and Members of the Oak Ridge City Council –

I humbly submit my resume for consideration to serve on city council. I am an eleven year resident of Oak Ridge, a qualified voter, a property owner and an active participant in local affairs who is heavily invested in the long-term survival of our city.

To this position, I offer:

• A record of civic involvement that includes hundreds of hours of research, problem solving and advocacy that have resulted in both tangible change and an increase in public awareness.

• An impartial perspective in that I have no political affiliations, past or present.

• A professional history that spans over 15 years in both the private and public sectors and is comprised of roles in project management, business to business sales, employee and volunteer recruitment, event coordination, marketing, and process analysis.

• The ability to communicate effectively with people of all levels and backgrounds; comprehensively analyze problems and solutions; efficiently prioritize time and activities to meet organizational and individual goals.

• Time: My recent decision to take a sabbatical from employment allows me more time to dedicate to the role and responsibilities required of council.

In closing, and most importantly, I desire to see our city wisely and effectively leverage all of our assets in ways that successfully attract and retain both businesses and residents. I believe that my experience, skills and objectivity can contribute to meeting this vital goal and welcome the opportunity to serve Oak Ridge citizens in this capacity.


Trina Baughn


Project/Program Manager/Analyst with a passion for achieving optimal efficiency of fiscal and operational resources through clear communication and process development.


 Civic Participation (details provided in blogs listed below):               2007- Present

  – Conduct thorough analysis of annual municipal (school) budgets; identify redundancies and inefficiencies; provide results and recommendations to city officials and inform the public through guest columns and editorials.

  – Led efforts to improve student pedestrian safety within the Oak Ridge community. Researched problems and potential solutions; functioned as an unofficial crossing guard; collaborated with public officials (from the local to the state level) to arrive at solutions that included enhanced traffic safety measures, added crossing guards, and legislation.

  – Regular attendance and involvement in City Council, BOE and Charter Commission meetings with a focus on fiscal accountability and public safety.

 Blog Author and Administrator                                                   2007- Present
    ( &
 Volunteer Security Program Manager (Faith Promise Church)             2003-2010
 Volunteer Banquet Coordinator for the ORHS Cross Country Team             2007
 Owner/operator of a resume and career assistance service                   2004-2005
 Foster Parent/Child Advocate                                                             2002-2004

(Complete resume submitted with formal application)


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