Today, just as I’ve done quite frequently for the last couple of years, I went out for a run. This, though, was to be my longest run of the year in preparation for the half marathon next weekend. Like last year, with the intent of running 10 miles back home, I had my son drop me off down at the marina.

Less than a mile into it, and in spite of the gorgeous weather, I wasn’t feeling it. But that’s not unusual. It can take me up to the second mile before I get over all of the mental blocks I throw up at myself. However, even by the third mile I hadn’t found my stride and was suddenly hating running. So bad that I was texting my sister my complaints and posting them up on facebook. Finally, I caved and called Bret to come get me around the 4th mile.

Right around the time I hit the Dollar General on the east end, Bret called me and told me he was about 3 miles out. He was chatty, I was not. I told him how irritated I was and that I was strangely more sick of running outside than at the gym.

Not long after we hung up, I noticed a white car pull up in front of me and stop in the turn-in lane for a closed down Sonic. A guy, probably in his early 50’s, rolled down his window and asked if I wanted a ride. The hairs all over my body stood up on end. There was nothing about my appearance that indicated that I needed a ride. I had my iPod on, my phone in hand, and was wearing my running shoes and clothes. I told him no and he slowly crept up the turn lane a little further.

Just as it appeared that this guy was going to turn into the vacant Sonic parking lot, Bret’s truck pulled up. The white car sped off.

That was the end of it but my mind can’t let go of the possibilities of what might have happened had Bret been only 2 minutes later in arriving. That’s all the time this guy would have needed to jump out and drag me behind the Sonic building out of anyone’s view. Or worse, throw me in his car and take off.

I’m normally pretty vigilant about personal safety but today I wasn’t. For all I know, that guy was harmless. Then again, for all I know, he’d spent a few minutes scoping out the area before he approached me. Regardless, I thank the Lord for protecting me today and always.

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