Thanksgivings Past

I don’t know why Thanksgiving has to be so complicated but it sure makes me miss the simpler times  when Bret was in the Army and we lived far away from a lot of the drama that goes on this time of year.

We were young. My goodness were we young! Since we’d only been married a year by our first Thanksgiving, I was pretty much on a major learning curve the entire time with my cooking skills. I had to rely primarily on recipes from my mom and grandmother to get me through since the internet was still fairly new and not widely available.

Back then, it didn’t matter that we lived in a tiny base apartment. It didn’t matter that our household income was sometimes below the poverty level. It didn’t even matter who was mad at who. It didn’t matter because we were all in the same boat together. Everyone was invited. Everyone.

An ocean separated us from our families back home but cramped quarters had us sitting on top of one another and we didn’t mind a bit. There were times that over 20 of us crowded into the kitchen and living room of a 900 sq ft apartment! Our kids (some of whom are now serving in the military!) played until late in the night and we all hung out for untold hours because we didn’t have to be anywhere else that day.

I will forever treasure those six years of military living and am eternally thankful for the friendships that have lasted since. But more importantly, I am thankful for the men and women who continue to protect  my family and I, allowing us the freedom to enjoy (or not) all of our holidays.


Please consider sending a card to a soldier who has chosen to protect your freedom instead of spending time with his or her family this season. Here’s the address of a soldier who has done just that and will be away from her kids while she continues her deployment in Afghanistan:



APO AE 09356

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless our troops!


  1. Trina … this post means more to me that you could ever possibly imagine. I too remember the days overseas, late nights & so many great times with amazing friends. I treasure your entire family and thank God often for bringing you into my life so many years ago.

    Beth (a soldier in the United States Army) is indeed deployed. Her children (ages 1 & 3) have been living with me since the beginning of August … and will probably be here until April. I couldn’t imagine missing such an important time in my child’s life. I couldn’t imagine being so many miles away for so long … missing smiles, tears, and all the “firsts” that go along with that time.

    I am certain this holiday season will prove to be SO SO difficult for her. While we can Skype and send messages via Facebook and email … she still can’t hug and kiss her babies. She can’t smell them (even when they smell really stinky). She can’t wipe their tears. She can’t make them understand why she isn’t here with them. She can’t tell them not to be scared. She can’t comfort their insecurities.

    I am sure that any cards or letters she received in the coming weeks would allow her to see that as a community we really do care, we appreciate her protecting this great country, and we all understand the sacrifice she is making. I think that rather than the 1-2 pieces of mail she gets on a typical week … if we can overflow her mailbox … that would make an impact. That would bring joy to her heart.

    Thank you again Trina, for sharing this story and helping me remember what is really important at the start of this holiday season.


    1. I’m honored to do whatever I can, Deb. Thank you for your continued support of our military. What you are doing is HUGE. Please let me know of any other ways I can help. Clothes, money, toys for the kids, whatever. I’ll be more than happy to do whatever needs to be done.

      Much love, Trina

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