Emory Valley Center Visit

I had the privilege of touring the Emory Valley Center today. Let me first say, what a remarkable group of people! I had no idea of the scope of this program and the impact it has on not only our community but those around us.

Annually, they serve over 800 individuals across the region in the areas of employment assistance, clinical care, education intervention, transportation and residential services.

Their mission is “To enhance the lives of children, adults and families in an environment that promotes independence, dignity and respect.”

I witnessed this mission statement in action during our tour. The staff were extremely professional, dedicated and energetic and the enthusiasm of their clients was contagious! Whether they were busily (and proudly) earning a paycheck or joyfully dancing in the social room, it was abundantly clear that these individuals knew that they were valued.  I can’t imagine a better way of starting my day. Thanks so much to Robin Biloski for inviting me and to all of the staff and individuals for allowing me to learn about your program!

The EVC is currently undergoing a capital campaign so that they may build a new facility. You can read more about the campaign and their program here.


  1. since this wonderful organization accepts donations and volunteer work I am curious as what kind of salary is being paid to the development director.

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