Oak Ridge: This Beautiful Place We Call Home

“Trina, come here,” Bret called. I knew instantly from the tone of his voice that we had visitors. I stepped over to the window and sure enough, two fawn were in our backyard. What was different, though, was that they weren’t just passing through or having a bite to eat; no, they were laying down in the wide open taking a break from the heat!

Though we’ve had frequent visits from deer and other wildlife for the last 12 years, we never tire of it. There’s always something new, something of beauty to enjoy in our yard, neighborhood and city. For example, we recently put up our first hummingbird feeder and for the last month, they’ve joined us for dinner almost every night.

Oak Ridge is so different than the suburbs of Dallas where we grew up. The beauty and wonder we enjoy is sometimes easy to take for granted I think. So, I thought I’d take a moment to share my view of Oak Ridge through the pictures I’ve taken over the years.  Take a look and tell me, with even a simple $100 point-and-click camera, isn’t this place just amazing?!?

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