The School Resource Officer MOU Has Been Signed!

***Post updated with MOU and Press Release Attached***

Click on the following:

MOU Press Release Final

SRO MOU Final 8 7 13 SignedCopy

Excellent news! The School Resource Officer agreement (aka MOU) between the ORPD and the OR Schools has been signed! Thanks to all who made it happen, especially Chief Akagi and Superintendent Borchers! I know this will ease the minds of many students, parents and teachers going into the new school year.

This was the first, but most critical, step of many that we will take in the coming months towards securing our schools. I look forward to the continued collaboration between the city and the schools.


      1. Thanks Trina,
        You may have averted a trajedy.
        No thanks at all to the school board, who want to cover up problems.
        You would think they have their priorities turned around.
        Sign me,
        Just Another Regular Guy.

  1. It looks pretty good, too. It seems the SRO is now fully in the loop, in accordance with TN Code it appears.

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