Vote for Garcia Garland for City Council – She won’t sell out

Please consider voting for my friend Anne Garcia Garland for City Council. Though we come from different ends of the political spectrum, Anne and I work very well together to ensure transparency and accountability. I respect her beyond words for being a woman who stands solid on her convictions. You can vote for her with the confidence that she WON’T SELL OUT to gain favor with anyone, including the establishment! You can review her voting record (and others) since I joined council here.

The following is my letter of endorsement that ran in the local papers:

This election cycle, some candidates have characterized city council deliberations as combative or regressive. The truth is, however, that of the hundreds of decisions made every year by city council, the majority are made by unanimous vote. The same is true of the BOE and our boards and commissions.

A well-balanced government should not be stacked with all like-minded people whose primary goal is to achieve harmony.  Some might argue that unanimity, which should not be mistaken for progress,  is what has gotten us into many of the messes we are in.  No, an elected body should allow for all voices to have the opportunity to be heard and considered.

When someone stands for something, they are standing against something and that something is backed by many someones.  Those someones do not necessarily represent the best interest of the general public but when left unchallenged, they may be perceived as such. Our city’s problems didn’t create themselves. They were created by people of both altruistic and selfish intentions.

Anne Garcia Garland  truly understands the people of Oak Ridge and she recognizes that our problems are not simple and will not be resolved overnight. More importantly, she has the courage to continue to stand up to those who perpetuate them.   My vote for city council will be for accountability, transparency and a voice of the people, by the people and for the people. My vote is for Anne Garcia Garland.


  1. Voted for Garcia Garland on the first day. She was leaving the polls as I was going in. I don’
    t always agree with Anne or you but I have a great deal of respect for those that will not sell out!!

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