My Comments RE: Oak Ridge Today Article on Heitman Note Development

It is worth noting up front that Mr. Huotari did not contact myself or the Heitmans before he ran his story. Instead, he left us messages 4-6 hours after the fact. Below is my response to him. He has yet to update his story with my comments and has not re-attempted to contact the Heitmans per my suggestion.

From: Trina Baughn []
Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2015 4:11 PM
To: ‘huotari’
Subject: Heitman Developments


You may verify that the following is being stated in accordance with the Heitman Family’s wishes by forwarding it to them and asking them to confirm. I respectfully ask that if you use this quote in your paper that you  do so in its entirety.

“The Heitman family is still processing the recent release of information that Chief Akagi provided to them, via the City of Oak Ridge, some 27 hours before releasing it to the press. They are perplexed as to why  Chief Akagi did not afford them the same courtesy in 2013 when he denied the existence of the files related to Alex’s cooperation with the check fraud investigation which he delayed in releasing to them for months.

The Heitmans are deeply hurt by the manner in which this information has come out and by those who have chosen to release it without regard for its veracity.  In spite of her claimed desires for privacy, this entire ordeal could have been handled outside of the public eye had Kristie Kasperski simply provided the Heitmans with the supposed note in its original, unedited format whenever she first discovered it.  

Don and Annette also wish to express their disappointment with for choosing to contact them only after publishing their story. They will directly respond to the press in their own time on their own terms.”

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