June City Council Update/2016 City Budget Schedule

Council’s next regular  meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 8th at 7:00p.m. at the Municipal Building. Significant items include the first reading of the city’s 2016 budget. The second and final reading will be held during a meeting on June 15th. As it stands right now, the city manager has proposed a 1 cent tax increase and has included an additional 7 cent tax increase to accommodate the schools’ request. A complete copy of the proposed budget is found here.  A cursory assessment thus far shows that:

  • Total Revenues are down $903,131
  • Total Expenditures are up $2.8M
  • Total Education Expenditures are up $4M
  • Total General Fund Expenditures are up $4.7M
  • The city’s total contribution to the schools is up $651,613 as presented. (FYI: The ORS budget shows a figure of $15,440,915 as opposed to ours of $15,280,915).

One of the primary questions I will have will be about the General Fund increase. We are artificially bumping it up by 25%, or the equivalent of a 52 cent tax increase by absorbing some other funds. I am unclear on how will this impact the decisions we will face for the 2017 budget.

See the agenda packet here for complete details on other agenda items. Results from the May regular meeting are found here

If you missed my recent guest column, you can read about the latest on the ORPD investigation here. As of this week, MTAS has agreed to the new terms of the contract and work, as I understand it, has begun on their study not to be completed until October.

Though I am not always able to respond to every communication, I welcome your questions and feedback. Feel free to share these update emails with anyone who may be interested in staying abreast of city issues.


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