Budget Scheduling Note: The state has now certified our tax rate at $2.52, which is the rate necessary to maintain revenue neutrality with the new assessment value data. Though this rate is up from the current rate of $2.39, it does not equate to an overall tax increase.  Council will hold a work session on July 21st at 6:00p.m. to discuss the budget and we will hold the final public hearing and vote at a Special Called Meeting on July 27th at 7:00p.m.

The following represents an unofficial account of the significant items discussed and/or voted upon during the July 13, 2015 City Council Meetings. The complete agenda packet is found here and a video can be viewed here. Draft meeting minutes will most likely be posted at the city website as part of the August 2015 Regular Meeting Agenda packet.

VII.       CONSENT AGENDA  10 of 11 items passed by unanimous vote NOTE: Historically, waived competitive bid items are placed on the agenda under resolutions. This agenda, the city manager chose to put them on the consent agenda and most were pulled off by various council members.

e. Resolution awarding CPAT Distribution for the furnishing of Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) testing package for the Fire Department not to exceed $70,000. 90% funded by AFG grant.

f. Resolution approving the 7th Judicial District Crime Task Force Inter-Local Agreement between the state, Anderson county, Oak Ridge, Clinton, Oliver Springs and Rocky Top.

g. Waiving competitive bids and awarding Aramark Uniform Services for employee uniform laundry service for FY2016 for $55,000. (previously $59K in 2013, keeps amount flat through 2018)

h. Waiving competitive bids and awarding Alternate Staffing, Express Employment, Robert half, Staffing Solutions, Temp Systems, Qualified Technical Firms for furnishing as needed temporary employment services for FY16 not to exceed $175,000 Baughn moved to defer to August, motion passed 4-3 with Hope, Smith and Callison voting nay. This item is funded through the regular salary line items; was budgeted $225K in 2014 but we used less than half of that.

i. Waiving competitive bids and awarding Mansfield Oil a contract for unleaded and diesel fuel for FY16 in the amount of $608,000. (dropped from $683K last year due to fuel prices; advantage of waiving is that the price is 13.5 cents cheaper than the state rate, a $30-$40K annual savings).

j. Waiving competitive bids and awarding HD Supply Power Solutions for furnishing ABB brand cutouts for the Electric Dept for $35,000. (Same amount as last year)

k. Waiving competitive bids and awarding multiple bids for various materials (stone, asphalt, fire hydrants, cables, salt, etc.) for $1,245,400. (Down $174K from last year)  


a. Resolution approving an agreement with the Anderson County Water Authority for the COR to provide wastewater treatment and disposal services in the vicinity of Elza Gate. Motion passed 7-0  

b. Resolution amending the social services policy to increase amount of individual assistance from $400 to $500. Motion passed 7-0  

c. Resolution approving an agreement with ADFAC for the administration of the city’s social services for FY2016 in the amount of $$138,5000. Smith motioned to increase to full amount budgeted of $151,000. Motion passed 6-1 with Chinn voting “Nay” Amended resolution passed 7-0.

d. Resolution approving access to Rutgers Ave from ORNL FCU expansion. Motion passed 7-0

e. Resolution supporting establishing Oak Ridge as the headquarters for the multi-site Manhattan Project National Historical Park. Motion passed 7-0.

XI. ELECTIONS Mid-Year back filling of vacancies included O’Dell for EQAB, Bordeau for the high school rep for EQAB, Hunt as the high school rep for TSAB and the appointment of Mark Watson to the Roan Alliance Board of Directors.

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