Holding On

The time is fast approaching, clinging to every fleeting moment

While the joy is still so abundant, still so pure

Plays with dolls, tells silly jokes, questions everything

Laughs hard, loud and often

Climbs trees, doorways, rocks

Always planning, plotting, working


My travel buddy, museum docent, trailblazer

Kitchen chemist, delightful dancer, master minecrafter

Books. Stacked everywhere, 3, no 4, snuck, tucked under her pillow

Books. Checks out no less than 6, finishes all in three days

Books.  You stayed up how late finishing that one?

Sings. All. The. Time.  Stop.  No, please don’t ever.

Her motto:  “Why haven’t I _____ and when will I?”

No fear, no fear, no fear.


  1. Tina. I am so moved by this. So beautiful, as are you. Sharing immediately with my daughter-in-law. Amazing how much alike my granddaughter and your daughter are when seen through love. Sweet friend that I never see but think of often. I am proud of you. God bless you.  Jacki Wilson

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