The following represents an unofficial account of the significant items discussed and/or voted upon during the April 11, 2016 City Council Regular Meeting. The complete agenda packet is found here and a video of the meeting can be viewed here. Draft meeting minutes will be posted on the city website in the May 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda packet.


Eleven individuals addressed council. Six spoke in support of allowing backyard chickens.  One individual expressed concerns about the environmental impacts of the proposed 8th rowing lane. Note: Council will discuss the chicken issue in our April 19th work session and possibly vote on the matter at our May 9th regular meeting.

VII. CONSENT AGENDA 6 items passed unanimously

c. Resolution to purchase replacement pumps, controls and equipment for the Palisades #3 sewer pump station from Water & Waste Equipment Inc for $77,500.

d. Resolution approving the purchase of LED lighting fixtures from Power Supply Company for $140,079.

e. Resolution to purchase various wire and cable for the space cable project along Gum Hollow road from Border States Electric Supply, Power Supply Company and Anixter Inc for $97,444.

f. Resolution authorizing the mayor to sign a letter of support for the Horizon Center to retain its designation as a Select Tennessee Certified Site.


a. Resolution urging the continuation of the TN Oversight Agreement with DOE and the state and authorizing the extension of the agreement between Oak Ridge, and Anderson, Knox, Loudon, Meigs, Morgan, Rhea and Roane counties. Note: Annual funding is about $170,000. Motion passed 6-0. (Callison was absent) 

b. Resolution authorizing a professional services agreement with Jacobs Engineering Group for an evaluation of the water treatment plant (the evaluation is to include a cost analysis of maintaining the current facility against other options such as building anew) in the amount of $98,250. Motion passed 6-0


Public Hearing on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Annual Action Plan FY16/17.

These monies are received and allocated annually for the primary purpose of addressing community housing, issues. The Consolidated Plan is required to address the following HUD National Objective Categories: · Activities Benefiting Low/Moderate Income Persons · Prevention/Elimination of Slum or Blight · Urgent Need.

$210,000 to be allocated primarily to MDO Housing Renovation (focused on electrical) ($100K) and $115K will be used to acquire and demolish private properties. The full plan is located here.

This hearing was preceded by 3 public meetings and will be followed by additional meetings. So far, roughly 10 citizens have provided input into these meetings. These meetings are open to everyone. Anyone wishing to provide input may contact:

Sherith Colverson City of Oak Ridge Municipal Building Community Development Department 200 S. Tulane Avenue Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Council will initially vote on the plan in our May 9th meeting.


a. Ordinance amending Parcel 456.02 located on East Tulsa Rd from RG-1 Residential Open Space to B-2 General Business. Item withdrawn from the agenda without discussion.

b. Ordinance amending 2016 budget appropriations to allow the schools to increase their total by $200,000 to allow for additional grant proceeds. Motion passed 6-0


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